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Obedience Trials test a dog's ability to perform a prescribed set of exercises on which it is scored. In each exercise, you must score more than 50 percent of the possible points (ranging from 20 to 40) and get a total score of at least 170 out of a possible 200. Each time your dog gets that magic 170 qualifying score, he's gotten a "leg" toward his title. Three legs and your dog has become an Obedience-titled dog! There are 3 levels at which your dog can earn a title and each is more difficult than the one before it. You may see levels divided into "A" and "B" at a trial; "A" classes are for beginners whose dogs have never received a title while "B" classes are for more experienced handlers.

Obedience trials are a sport, and all participants should be guided by the principles of good sportsmanship both in and out of the ring. Obedience trials demonstrate the dog's ability to follow specified routines in the obedience ring and emphasize the usefulness of the purebred dog as a companion to man. All contestants in a class are required to perform the same exercises in substantially the same way so that the relative quality of the various performances may be compared and scored. The basic objective of obedience trials, however, is to recognize dogs that have been trained to behave in the home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs in a manner that will reflect credit on the sport of obedience at all times and under all conditions. The performance of dog and handler in the ring must be accurate and correct according to these Regulations. It is also essential that the dog demonstrate willingness and enjoyment while it is working and that a smooth and natural handler be given precedence over a handler moving with military precision and using harsh commands.

Novice: The first level, Novice, results in your dog earning a Companion Dog (CD) title. The title actually describes what is expected of your dog: demonstrating the skills required of a good canine companion. The dog will have to heel both on and off leash at different speeds, come when called, stay (still and quietly!) with a group of other dogs when told, and stand for a simple physical exam.

Open: The second level, Open, results in your dog earning a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title. He must do many of the same exercises as in Novice, but off-leash and for longer periods. Additionally, there are jumping and retrieving tasks.

Utility: The final level results in a Utility Dog (UD) title. These are the cream of the crop. In addition to more difficult exercises, the dog also must perform scent discrimination tasks.

OTCH and UDX: The best of the best can go on for more titles. Utility Dogs that place in Open B or Utility B classes earn points toward an Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) title. Utility Dogs that continue to compete and earn legs in both Open B and Utility B at 10 shows receive the title Utility Dog Excellent (UDX).

NOC (National Obedience Champion): This prestigious title is earned by the dog who wins the annual American Kennel Club National Obedience Invitational. To be invited to participate in the Invitational, each dog must be ranked in the top 25 dogs in the country by number of OTCH points, or ranked in the top three of their respective breeds by OTCH points.

Sounds like fun and you want to get going. Don't wait! Puppy kindergarten classes are designed for 2 to 5 month old dogs and really focus on the very basics of training. Many basic training classes start puppies at 5 to 6 months of age. And, just like kids, puppies pick up lessons very quickly when learning is made into a fun game.

Once you've gotten started, test your budding star's skill at matches. These are informal, inexpensive practice shows put on by dog clubs. While you won't earn legs toward your title, you will get a taste of doing it "for real."

Attend some trials to observe and mingle. You'll have the opportunity to see skilled dogs and handlers, as well as some who may need to hit the books some more! You can also meet people who have the same interests as you and can give you some tips or direct you to other classes and events in your area.

But the best part of watching a trial is to see the close bond that has developed between the dog and handler. Their total concentration on the task at hand gives way to the sheer delight of accomplishment that can be seen on the faces of both - and in the wag of a tail.

Experience the ultimate in companionship and teamwork. Taste the thrill of competition. Join an Obedience training class and participate in Obedience trials. You and your dog will have fun!

Want to compete but don't know where to start?  Download this brochure Getting Started in AKC Companion Events which will introduce you to the AKC Sports of Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Agility. 

Or, visit the AKC's website for detailed information about the sport of Obedience.


Check our CLASSES page for complete descriptions and pre-requisites for all our classes.

Then download a registration form and check our CLASS CALENDAR for start dates and times of upcoming classes.



Interested in renting our building or agility field for a training session, show 'n go, match, trial, test, workshop or seminar?
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Here's a map to our training facility, located in the Spring Branch area of Houston, north of I-10 and east of Beltway 8.

2400 Campbell Rd.,
Unit H
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